Our firm - a boutique portfolio manager

DMZ Partners Investment Management LLP is a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager (Registration No.: INP 000005944). We received our SEBI Portfolio Manager Registration on 23rd February, 2018. We were motivated to transition from a family office through which we were managing only family capital to a boutique investment management firm through which we will very selectively accept outside capital from clients. This transition was driven by our passion to create superior long-term investing outcomes for individuals, families and institutions we admire and respect. Our aim is to compound capital for our investors with a steadfast focus on investing in high quality companies run by people possessing the highest levels of integrity and capability.

Our history - a father & son partnership

Soumil moved back to Mumbai from New York in 2011 to work alongside his father, Sanjay to build the capabilities and refine the investment approach of the family investment office. Prior to co-founding DMZ Partners, Soumil worked with Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York on the Banking & Financials team within Global Investment Research. Soumil graduated from Duke University where he studied Economics & Biology and had the good fortune of being taught by phenomenal professors including Dr. Emma Rasiel.

Soumil's father, Sanjay has been an avid long-term investor alongside his 30+ year career of operating a super-abrasives business. Since 2012 he has been solely focussed on the investment office. His favourite business, which remains part of the family investment portfolio was first identified by him in 1995. His ability to manage things that are difficult to measure, decisiveness and emotional resilience are key characteristics Soumil seeks to emulate over the long-run. After a commensurate amount of thought has been applied toward a particular situation he is likely to comment, "I like being right, I don't mind being occasionally wrong, but I hate being confused."

Sanjay & Soumil intend to cautiously curate their investor base to ensure that their investors' philosophies and expectations are closely aligned over the long-term. For more information about our investment approach and philosophy please navigate to investing and viewpoints.